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  • Honesty & Integrity

  • Environmentalism & Sustainability

  • Organization & Communication

  • Budget Consciousness

  • Love Language: Acts of Services


Hi! I’m a mom to two beautiful girls, a wife to a husband who is a killer cook and sexy handyman, and a natural born planner who can plan a stunning event in my sleep, while sticking to a budget, integrating logistical needs, incorporating a beautiful design, and focusing on how each and every guest is feeling.

Pomegranate Occasions:

Started in 2012 when I passionately and creatively planned my own wedding. I helped several friends with their weddings during the same time based on my tried and true methods and templates, which turned into several referrals for others events, and organically grew to an event planning business that listens, plans, and focus on how you want to FEEL during your event. I actively ensure your special occasion allows you the opportunity to feel and experience everything you envision.

Why Pomegranate? because they are amazing! They have a tough skin but when opened … reveal countless beautifully, meticulously packed seeds. This is the sense of amazement I strive for with Pomegranate Occasions.

I am based in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California but serve the Chico, Sacramento, Napa, Bay Area, Anchorage Alaska, or Denver Colorado markets at no or low travel cost in light of family and friends living there who are near and dear to my heart.


What makes me different?

  1. 15 years of corporate project planning, logistical management, and event & presentation design allows you the peace of mind you need though out your entire event planning process.

  2. I relate and cater to the DIY hostess. I can help you implement your dream occasion with budget friendly, tried and true event strategies that will enact your vision without stress or concern.

  3. I’m in it for the long haul, with congratulations and encouragement for you for all the special occasions your life will continue to send your way.


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Chico State: B.S. in Business Administration with focus on Managing Information Systems and Human Resource Management

San Francisco State: Masters in Business Administration with focus on Decision Sciences and Public Policy.

Continuing Pursuit of Unlimited Knowledge from the school of: Google, Pinterest, & Podcasts

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15 years of marketing, events, and strategy work with Wells Fargo.

6 years of running Pomegranate Consulting & Pomegranate Occasions.