• Honesty & Integrity

  • Environmentalism & Sustainability

  • Organization & Communication

  • Budget Consciousness

  • Love Language: Acts of Services

  • Giving Back: each year Pomegranate Co. gives back 10% of all profits to non profit organizations in charitable donations. Pomegranate Co. provides a 30% discount on all non profit event work.

I’m a trained and certified event planner and passionate advocate for the ‘Art Of Gathering’.

Based in South Lake Tahoe California, Tawni is the founder of two successful companies both dedicated to thoughtful planning.

Pomegranate Occasions is an event planning agency dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and organizations find purpose and enjoy the art of gathering flawlessly. She has helped over 40 happy couples with the personal details of their beautiful weddings, assisted with the special occasions of over 100 individuals, planned and facilitated over 20 corporate retreats, and led and collaborated to bring five 100+ attendee conferences.

Pomegranate Consulting, is a consultancy agency dedicated to helping businesses, organizations, and individuals pursue their passions with a plan.

Her success lies in her ability to partner, listen, and lead with individuals and teams. Her core belief is that meaningful, beautiful events come from thoughtful intention, visualization, and purposeful planning. Supporting hosts and organizers with structured consultation, ideation & brainstorming, and documentation are a critical piece to her expertise. She loves this work because she loves experiencing others see their vision enacted.

Tawni received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Chico with an emphasis on Human Resources Management and Managing Information Systems. She received her Master in Business Administration with an emphasis on Decision Sciences and a Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis on Public Policy. She is also a firm believer and graduate of the School of Life; that learning and knowledge doesn’t just come from textbooks and lectures, but from the experiences, risks, and challenges that individuals choose to take on or adapt from.

She is a world traveler who has spent time in over 20 countries, an honored mom to two beautiful girls, a lucky wife to a husband who is a killer cook and ultimate handyman, and a passionate problem solver who loves the rush of helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, non profits, and career driven individuals visualize and enact their purpose. When not consulting others, she enjoys simple things like the outdoors; hiking, biking, beaching (it should be a verb), yoga, painting, reading, dining, and dancing.

Hi! I’m a mom to two beautiful girls, a wife to a husband who is a killer cook and sexy handyman, and a natural born planner who can plan a stunning event in my sleep, while sticking to a budget, integrating logistical needs, incorporating a beautiful design, and focusing on how each and every guest is feeling.
#really? # really!

Why Pomegranate?

… because they are amazing! They have a tough skin but when opened … reveal countless beautifully, meticulously packed seeds. This is the sense of amazement I strive for with Pomegranate Occasions.

I am based in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California but serve the Chico, Sacramento, Napa, Bay Area, Anchorage Alaska, or Denver Colorado markets at no or low travel cost in light of family and friends living there who are near and dear to my heart.


What makes me different?

  1. 15 years of fortune 100 corporate experience performing project management, logistical management, and event & presentation design, and executive consultation. My professionalism and attention to detail should allow you the peace of mind you need though out your entire event planning process.

  2. I relate and cater to the DIY host. I can help you implement your dream occasion with budget friendly, proven event strategies that will enact your vision without stress or concern.

  3. I’m in it for the long haul, with congratulations and encouragement for you for all the special occasions your life will continue to send your way.


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Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with focus on Managing Information Systems and Human Resource Management from Chico State.

Masters in Business Administration with focus on Decision Sciences and Public Policy from San Francisco State University.

Continuing Pursuit of Unlimited Knowledge from the school of: Google, Pinterest, Podcasts, NPR, The Economist, The New York Times, & More.

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15 years of marketing, events, and strategy work with Wells Fargo.

6 years of running Pomegranate Consulting & Pomegranate Occasions.