Q. Why does the price increase as headcount goes up?

A. As your guest list or headcount increases, so too does the needs and complexity of your Big Day. Here is a line chart for reference —>

(Good) Event vendors will think about the needs and concerns of each guest. They will treat each guest as a client and serve them with the respect they deserve. This means that if you have an event with 30 guests —> 30 guest feelings to consider, 30 guest questions and concerns that will be directed to your event coordinator, 30 chances for unexpected situations to occur, ~30 decor and decorations to set up or clean up. If you have an event with 150 guests —> 150 guest feelings to consider, 150 questions and concerns, 150 chances for situations to occur, ~150 decor and theme related items to consider. This additional consideration, responsibility, and legwork is what is represented in the price.