Become An Event Planner!

Do you throw great parties? Love organizing meetings or meet ups? Have a keen eye of detail, design, and guest experiences? Do you have excellent time management and love organization? Does it bother you when you don’t know when to show up for an event or how to get there? Then event planning might be perfect for you.

Pomegranate Occasions offers in-person and/or webinar trainings to teach you what you need to know to become an effective, efficient event planner. Included at the end of your training is:

  • a complimentary event planning business launching kit to start your own event planning business (a $650 value)

  • a free resume update to apply for your dream event planning job. (a $450 value)

  • for select candidates a job offer to work at Pomegranate Occasions. (priceless)

Complete 8 hours of required lessons below for $1,400.00 to get started on your dream career.

Step 1: Getting Started

Learn the preliminary essentials that every successful event planner must understand, how to respond to market inquiries, drafting an event proposal, creating a preliminary budget, the role and importance of headcount, and review the importance of an event planning guide.

Includes use of Pomegranate Occasions proprietary event planning guides.

Step 2: Venues & Event Flow

The venue drives the most important decisions you'll have for your event. Learn how to determine what you need, what specific things to look for in a venue; how to do a site inspection, and what questions to ask.  We discuss suggested types of venues for different types of events; including real-life examples of various venues. Explore how to work within event space to maximize the attendee experience; including the importance of understanding "flow," why it's important, and examples of good and bad flow.

Step 3: The legal stuff

Contracts are a major part of becoming an event planner, they are necessary to insure that you, your client, and your event are protected.  Learn the basic elements that should be included in contracts, and the different types of contracts you will need.  You will receive numerous sample contracts to download and keep.  Also, the different types of event insurance that you might need, as well as an explanation of licenses, permits, & permissions and how they apply to your event.

Step 4: Food & Beverage (F&B)

F&B is a major part of any event, and therefore requires special considerations dependent on the venue, season, location, and more. Discover the process of selecting menus and how to work with your venue or caterer.  Working around special dietary needs is a vital part of your job; so it's important to learn the terminology that is used within F&B.  Finally, learn the different ways in which your hotel, venue, or caterer will charge for F&B to ensure you're maximizing your budget.  

Step 5: Decor 

Decor is usually considered one of the most visual, and perhaps FUN, part of event planning!  This entire section is made up of visual examples and photos explaining different elements of decor.  You will learn how you can use tables, centerpieces, furniture, and lighting to add to your decor, as well as other tips for making the biggest impact with limited budgets.  

Step 6: Vendors & Client Relations

With every event, you'll be working with vendors, clients, and select key family, friend, or colleagues of the client.  Learn how to select and work with vendors, what contracts are needed for each, and how to schedule and timeline your event needs in consideration of your vendor needs. Discover how to find the right talent for your event; as well as special considerations when working with your clients expectations and emotions on their event day.

Step 7: Finishing Touches & Billing

Planning helps, but can’t predict how your event will actually go.  Explore the often-overlooked steps necessary to successfully manage your event on-site.  Understand the importance of relating and helping your staff, vendors, clients, and guests. Review key professionalism and polishing touches to include and learn how to finalize and reconcile your billing.

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